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Whilst many businesses require document storage in one way or another, storage for archives is something different entirely. For legal compliance reasons, or because there is still value in keeping your older files, retaining old documents is essential and it needs to be available when you need it. It's for this reason that proper archive storage is a necessity. 

As your business grows and as time goes on, the amount of paper files you have mounts up and becomes increasingly harder to keep organised. Your valuable office space will in time become overrun with boxes of documents that you may never even need to look at again - but legally you have to keep hold of them. 

Clearing out your old documents and storing them with Whitefields as part of our archive storage service eleviates the physical presence of your documents, along with the stress involved with maintaining and organising ever-growing boxes or folders of paper. Filing cabinets are somewhat useful, but they're incredibly hard to navigate when compared to storing your documents in a secure, organised external location such as Whitefields Document Storage. 

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We are specialists in organised, secure storage. Our process has been refined to perfection since we first set up in 2003, meaning your files are safe at all times and easily accessible should you ever need them - we can deliver them the very next working day if you request them before 3pm. We encourage you to read more about the secure process that we're so proud of.

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