Document Storage - Managed Service

Secure document storage with free and easy access

Our managed storage option is the perfect way to free up home or office space whilst retaining easy access to your important documents.

Documents are stored in our specialist warehouses just outside Nottingham. With CCTV monitoring, smoke detectors and top of the range intruder alarms, you can be sure we take your documents’ security seriously.

Access is easy, fast and free

Your documents are free and easy for you to access whenever you need them. Simply request your document archive by 3pm and it will be delivered safely to you the following work day free of charge. Once you’ve finished with your documents and want to return them to storage, we’ll pick them up again for free too!

Security and privacy guaranteed

Records are tracked the moment they enter the warehouse and all movements are recorded on our computer system, via top of the range bar-coding and scanner technology.

A dual audit trail is created for all deliveries and collections. All movements are scanned and a work order created which identifies all boxes collected and or delivered. The customer also has a paper audit trail for all deliveries and collections so you can track their movements.

Great value secure storage

Whitefields Document Storage makes a simple quarterly charge for the storage of a box. This charge is only dependent upon the size of the box to be stored. The charge is all inclusive; there are no extra charges to be made for box movements in and out of storage.  Access your documents whenever you need them, then return them to storage – all with no added cost!

Choose the best storage solution for you

If you have documents that need storing that you won’t need frequent access to, then our deep storage solution may be the best choice for you.  Contact our team for advice on the best storage option for your documents.

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